Made in America ~ imogene + willie

Imogene+Willie was founded on the same principles that built our country: hard and honest work will lead to success. Their grandparents and parents taught them to work hard and live humbly, to value family and friendships. They were assembly line workers, entrepreneurs, clerks, WWII veterans, to name a few. No job was too big or too small; they lived to support their family and to pass on their wisdom.

By exporting so many jobs overseas, we’ve lost our roots. Carrie and Matt are bringing those values back. Their small shop in Nashville, Tennessee, along with artists they partner with, are making it possible to own Made in America treasures. Their denim jeans are unwashed, so they fit and form to your body! Check out their home grown denim for both men and women, along with tops, accessories, and one of a kind pieces you won’t find anywhere else.

Each piece of denim has it’s own personality and tells a unique story. What will yours be? Will it start in America?

Watch their story here


{Chambray Shirt ~ imogene+willie ~ $225

{Jesse Jean ~ imogene+willie ~ $225

{Shinola Watch ~ imogene+willie ~ $600

{Sherrick Tote ~ imogene+willie ~ $600

{Wedges ~ TOMS ~ $69


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