Fair Trade Gifts – Give Gifts that are Twice as Nice!

Tis the season for gift giving! And wouldn’t it be great if you could give twice as much this Holiday season? By giving Fair Trade gifts, you’ll do just that. While your beautiful gifts are nestled under the tree, artisans in Nepal, Guatemala, India, Colombia, and many other rural villages around the world will be creating a better life for their families. Check out these one-of-a-kind, handmade gifts you can’t find anywhere else and give the gift that gives twice!

fair trade gifts fair trade gifts2

1. V Neck Tee  ~ Good&FairClothing.com

2. Canvas Purse/ Laptop Bag (Colombia) ~ Worldstock.com

3. Color Splash Clutch/Ipad Case (India) ~ HandmadeExpressions.com

4. Winter Leaves Flip-top Mittens (Nepal) ~ Worldstock.com

5. Guie Shoes Denim Floral Hand Embroidered Ballet Flats (Mexico) ~ FairIndigo.com

6. Set of 6 Blown Glass ‘Pure Cobalt’ Shot Glasses (Mexico) ~ Worldstock.com

7. Wooden Domino Set (India) ~ HandmadeExpressions.com

8. Nightingale Ornament (India) ~ Serrv.com

9. Delicate Snowflake Earrings (Indonesia) ~ Serrv.com

10. Twin Ring Necklace (Indonesia) ~ TenThousandVillages.com






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