Ending Well to Begin Well

end well final

I heard some great advice this past weekend: our beginnings are determined by our endings. It sounded a little backwards to me until it was further explained. In order for us to have positive, healthy beginnings, for us to start a new chapter on the right foot, we need to end our last chapter well. We need to have closure so we don’t take the negative parts of the chapter into the next. How many times have we not forgiven someone or ourselves and find it difficult to move on? The New Year is all about new beginnings; what’s behind us is in the past and no longer matters. But do we really leave all of it in the past? Do we really move on and start with a blank slate? If we’re honest, the answer is no. That horrible decision, that painful hurt, that continuous grudge stays there and keeps us from starting fresh. Try something new this year. Instead of completely focusing on your New Year’s resolution, find time to truly wrap up the old year. Forgive a family member, forgive yourself, and let go of what you cannot control. I promise, once you do this, you will find peace, and be ready for all 2014 has to offer.

Happy Year End to 2013; Happy New Year to 2014!

***Watch the video or listen to the podcast titled “Ending Well” that inspired me here.

***photos courtesy of Quince with Sugar,  Oh So Lovely Obsessions, and myself


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