The color orange can be a scary color for some. We’re not usually keen on adding it to our wardrobe; orange doesn’t flatter many skin tones. I personally don’t have anything orange in my closet! But lately, I’ve been finding myself adding it (in very small doses) to my home. Maybe it’s the way it beautifully compliments aqua teal or maybe it’s that little unexpected pop that adds dimension and movement to a room; or maybe there’s a deeper phycology to it.


When I think of orange, I can’t help but think of the flower power wallpaper, kitchen countertops, and shaggy rugs of the 1970s. It was a time full of experimentations, major advancements in technology, war, exploration, and social change. Women and minorities were breaking down barriers and creating major waves in society. War and scandal led to major distrust in the U.S. government and antiwar movements. Technology was changing the way people spent their time and interacted with each other. Information travelled quicker. Celebrating and protecting the environment led to the first Earth Day. There was an inspirational, rejuvenating spirit about the 1970s that spurred change and growth of the U.S. culture. There was this growing power in the youth and need to feel connected to create social change.

Sounds vaguely familiar to issues surrounding today’s culture. (We live in such a cyclical universe!)


Orange: the color that exudes an inspirational, enthusiastic, spontaneous, youthful, uplifting, rejuvenating, social spirit that’s contagious beyond measure. Orange is the color we need for emotional strength, motivation and change.*

It’s no wonder the color orange is saturating our society – Instagram filters, the runway, the #OrangeRoom on the Today Show, home décor… the list goes on. Adding a dash of orange can inspire adventure, rejuvenate the spirit, and promote social connections. Let’s view our world through orange tinted lenses and see what the new year will bring!

How have you embraced the color orange? If so, I’d love to see it! #orangetintedworld

Here’s a little snapshot of how I’ve popped some orange into my home decor.





**Runway photos courtesy of Pre-Fall 2014.


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