Workout in Style

How are those New Year’s resolutions coming along?! Most of us made a resolution to exercise more, eat better, and live healthier overall. And now that we’re about three weeks into the New Year, those resolutions have begun to taper off a little (or a lot!) Time for some inspiration!

What you’re wearing to the gym could be affecting your resolution more than you realize. (Haven’t you ever heard the saying “When you look good, you feel good!”?)

Cute, form-fitting work out gear is what every girl needs to be inspired to hit the gym. Those old gym shorts and baggy T-shirts are not very appealing to wear or to look at, making the gym even more agonizing. You may be someone who likes to hide behind those oversized shirts, but it’s not doing you any favors. Here are a few reasons why everyone should invest in some great workout gear:

  1. When you hide your body behind big shirts, you can’t see your muscles performing the exercises. Especially when you’re learning a new exercise, you need to see the shape your body makes so you don’t end up hurting yourself. You also don’t want your clothes to get in your way.
  2. Clothes that are made for super sweaty sessions wick away sweat, keeping you dry. Some fabrics are also specially treated to kill odor-causing bacteria. Regular cotton tees can’t do all that!
  3. Form-fitting clothes will also make you aware of your current shape, motivating you to continue on the healthy track. Even if you don’t like your current shape, wearing stylish, form-fitting workout gear will give you the confidence to keep going.
  4. How you look has a direct effect on how you act. Your attitude and self-esteem are significantly better when you like the way you look and feel in your clothes.

With all that said, here’s some great looks that will get you excited about hitting the gym!

workout spread

Victoria’s Secret Sport Jacket

Victoria’s Secret Sport Polka Dot Bra

Victoria’s Secret Sport Capri

Lululemon Gym Bag

workout spread2

Nordstrom Zella Tee

Nordstrom Zella Jacket

Lululemon Short

workout spread3

Under Armour Tee

Victoria’s Secret Sport Pant (My personal fave! I live in these.)

Steven by Steve Madden Gym Bag


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