WARBY PARKER x Architecture for Humanity

Warby Parker x Architecture for Humanity

{As if they weren’t already cool enough} Warby Parker has teamed up with Architecture for Humanity to celebrate 15 years of building a better future using the power of great architectural design. The Aslin eyeglasses and the Fowler sunglasses reflect the architect’s structured mentality by using Japanese Titanium mixed with Warby Parker’s signature acetate. Strong, well designed frames built to last; the perfect reflection of Architecture for Humanity’s mission to build sustainable, safe, beautiful buildings in vulnerable communities.

warby parker aslin and fowler
Architecture for Humanity is a nonprofit organization that works with over 50,000 professionals who donate their time and resources to build well designed structures to create safe places for people and children to learn, play, work and live. Some current programs include Restore the Shore, Edendale Football for Hope Centre, and Rebuild Moore. They restore hope to devastated communities around the world and provide a foundation for the future.
From April 7, 2014 to September 6, 2014, $15 of every purchase will go towards Architecture for Humanity. Together, we can literally help build a better future. And, as always, for every pair purchased, a pair will be distributed to a person in need.
Architecture for Humanity
Here’s why I initially fell in love with Warby Parker:

Warby Parker’s simple business structure {cutting out the middle man} allows them to sell designer quality frames {+ lenses} for a fraction of the cost of other designer frames. Think $95 instead of $500+ for a complete set of glasses. I know, my mind was blown too.

warby parker

{$95 (frames+lenses) vs. $198 (frames only)

But that’s only half the story.

What made me fall madly in love with Warby Parker is their Do Good program.

When you buy a pair, you also give a pair to one of the nearly one billion people who do not have access to glasses. VisionSprings is the non-profit Warby Parker works with to distribute glasses to those in need. However, the glasses are not just given away. VisionSprings partners with low-income entrepreneurs in developing countries to set up free eye exams and sell the glasses at an affordable price. This not only brings sight to those impaired, but creates jobs for entrepreneurs to support their families. Dignity and respect is restored for both the customer and the entrepreneur.

You can actually see the power of your purchase at work.

These are not just used glasses that are recycled. They are new glasses that are designed according to the lifestyle where they are distributed. After the eye exam, people have the opportunity to choose their pair of fashionable frames that fits their style.

When a person feels beautiful in their new eyewear, confidence and dignity are restored. People can learn, work, and positively contribute to their community.

Warby Parker

{Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime} ~Chinese Proverb

*Photos courtesy of WarbyParker.com.

What do you think of the new Aslin and Fowler frames? 

Where will you be buying your next pair of glasses? 


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