The Summer Bazaar: The Necessities for Summer

The Summer Bazaar

Summer is all about simple, casual style. A time to unwind, relax, and enjoy the sunshine. Lightweight, no-brainer clothing options are a must, like these denim shorts, crop top and simple shift dress. Subtle jewelry is the perfect compliment to this casual wardrobe. It’s no sock season, so get ready to show those toes in an array of sandals. Get a swim suit {or a few} since you’ll be living in it for the next few months. A giant beach bag and a beach towel will be used daily, so make sure they are durable, like these, which are handmade by artisans. The towel is lightweight {yet absorbent} enough to be used as a sarong as well. A wide brimmed hat is essential for keeping your face looking young and beautiful. And when the sun goes down, light up the night with lanterns to keep the party going! Enjoy your summer!

Hat ~ Charming Charlie

Dress ~ Nordstrom

Crop Top ~ H&M

Shorts ~ Mango

Sandals ~ Sam Edelman

Swim Top ~ Net-a-Porter

Swim Bottom ~ Net-a-Porter

Necklace ~ Target

Wedges ~ Toms

Beach Bag ~ Drifting Arrows

Beach Towel/Sarong ~ Drifting Arrows

Candle ~ Pauper’s Candle Company {The best scent is Lilac!}

Lanterns ~ Pier 1 Imports



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