When the Going Gets Tough… Choose Happiness



We’ve all had those days {or weeks} that are particularly bad. I may have a bad day every now and then, but I rarely have a bad week. This week was one for the record books. Between my husband having foot surgery and just an awful week at work, it took all I had to hold it together. I kept thinking that no matter what happens to me, whatever stressors come my way, I have a choice: I can choose to be happy. {Much easier sad than done, agreed}

So I came up with 5 ways to help me get out of my funk so I could choose happiness:

  1. Spend time in His word or in prayer. Reaching out to a higher power, knowing that you’re not in this alone, can be very relaxing and reassuring. It’s amazing what He can reveal to us when we stop and listen. If religion is not your thing, find a daily inspiration website, such as Daily OM, to give you an extra boost.
  2. Give yourself at least 1 compliment. Women, especially, can be so hard on themselves. Find one way to give yourself praise. “I’m having a great hair day,” “Great outfit!” “I rocked that presentation.” Give yourself a pat on the back to instantly increase your confidence level
  3. Yoga and deep breathing. I have a pretty calm, cool, roll-with-the-punches personality, but about a month before our wedding, I had my first taste of extreme anxiety. I had just started a new job with an overwhelming about of responsibility and I was finalizing all the last minute details of the wedding, so needless to say, I was a little stressed out. Luckily, the office gym offered free yoga classes at lunch. The simplest, most effective thing I learned was the deep breathing exercises. It’s incredible how something so simple can be so cleansing. yoga pose
  4. Intense physical exercise. Elle Woods said it best, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t.” When I exercise, I completely zone in on the activity and my mind is instantly cleared. It allows you to focus on you instead of all your stressors at hand.
  5. Avoid gossip. Negative energy only produces more negative energy. Spend five minutes venting to get it off your chest, take a deep breath and be done. Focus all that energy on something positive and productive.

And when all else fails, retail therapy has proven to work pretty well 🙂

How do you relieve your stress? Please share; it might help someone out!

For all those who had a rough day or week, here’s to the freakin weekend! Cheers!

XO Jen


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