{The Find} Zashadu

the find
It’s an interesting time in the fashion industry where sustainability and ethics are becoming equally as important as luxury and trends. And when a brand combines all of these so effortlessly, I fall in love.
 {the Find} Zashadu   {the Find} Zashadu


Made with love in Nigeria, Zashadu is a sustainable luxury brand that uses the finest local leather to make the most beautifully, structured handbags any power woman would envy. Not only are all the leather and skins sustainably sourced in Nigeria, the bags are designed and handmade by a community of local Nigerian artists. The artists pride themselves on using techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. The handbag designs reflect this strong, resilient community that has stayed true to their roots and work to protect their craft and resources. The simple elegance and stunning glamour of these handcrafted handbags make them an instant classic that will never fade.
If you’re still looking for your Fall bag, look no further. The Fall 2014 collection, Nature/Nurture, is available now. For a limited time, take advantage of lower prices and free shipping!
{the Find} Zashadu  {the Find} Zashadu
 {the Find} Zashadu {the Find} Zashadu

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