{What to Wear} While Traveling

The {un}official last weekend of summer is upon us. And, like many of you, I’ll be heading out of town for some much needed R&R to visit my sister in Santa Monica! After a summer in the sweltering Florida heat and humidity, I’m ready for some cool Pacific sea breezes.

Picking out my travel ensemble is always quite the challenge. How long I’ll be traveling and what I’ll be doing when I step off the plane are two things I think about when choosing my look for the day. Here’s two looks I came up with no matter how long you’ll be traveling:

All day travel look: Leggings + long, loose shirt + flats {This is what I wore when we flew from Florida to Washington – 15 hours of traveling!}


{What to Wear} While Traveling

{What to Wear} While Traveling

{What to Wear} While Traveling

Leggings are the second most comfortable things to sweatpants, but they look more refined to wear in public. Pair with an oversized woven shirt to dress up the casual leggings. Find a bag that’s large enough to carry magazines, tablet, and all other essentials, but that’s also small enough to fit under the seat. Complete your look with simple sandals or ballet flats. I like to wear flats because they’re easier to remove when going through security and easier to run in in case you’re late!

Get the Look


But when I have a direct flight and have plans right when I step off the plane, I like to look a little more fresh.

Shorter trip + dinner upon arrival: jeans {with a little stretch} + fashion top + flats + lightweight scarf  + Always pack a light sweater, just in case the plane is really an ice box!

What to Wear While Traveling

The trick to looking fabulous while traveling is staying comfortable yet refined. Keep true to your style, remember balance in proportion, and pick shoes that are both comfortable and complete your look.

I hope you have safe and wonderful travels this Labor Day weekend! Cheers to a great Summer and the Fall to come!


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