#NYFWss15 Day 4


An avant garde fairy tale with a bohemian flavor that’s anything but prim and proper. The voluminous lace gowns, draped on the body in a purposeful haphazard fashion, almost to reveal the rebellious side of fashion royalty. Asymmetrical layers of lace, chiffon, satin, and shimmery mesh fabrics in cascading layers and ruffles, all cinched in at the waist to reveal a feminine shape. But it’s not all frilly and girlie; juxtaposed by utilitarian jackets and vests and a few clean suits add just the right amount of edge for balance.

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Rebecca Minkoff

Feminine frocks with a carefree attitude gracefully floated down the runway of the Rebecca Minkoff show. A pastel palette of ruffled hems, sheer embroidered tops, and a lovely lacey jumpsuit, sure to turn some heads. Her collection of blue striped separates felt crisp and purposeful. I especially loved her take on the classic shirt dress with buttoned thigh-high slits. Add an exclamation point with the floppy hats and leather fringed handbags and you’re all set for your bohemian summer near the shore. And an unexpected finale, complete with 3D glasses: five looks with 3D abstract prints jumping off the fabric. Unless you wear 3D glasses, these prints may just make you dizzy, but still incredibly cool.


 nyfwss15 nyfwss15 nyfwss15 nyfwss15
Nicole Miller
How could you not be inspired by the wild energy of Rio de Janeiro? Nicole Miller’s many visits to this South American cultural hub gave her an endless supply of ammo to deliver a killer collection. Even the Copacabana beach boardwalk’s wavy design inspired the runway and fabric prints for the collection. The black and white prints with pops of saturated colors reminded me of Rio at dusk, when the sun goes down, creating stunning silhouettes, but light enough to illuminate the rich natural colors of tropical plants, fruits and exotic birds. Ruffled hems that flip when you salsa, crop tops to show a little skin, and pencil skirts to accentuate a woman’s curves all strutted down the boardwalk runway. With the combination of these silhouettes and vibrant prints, you could practically feel the electrifying energy of those wild nights in Rio.

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*Photos courtesy of Style.com



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