#NYFWss15 Day 8

nyfwss15 nyfwss15nyfwss15

Co: Inspired by ballerinas of the Paris Opera Ballet, the L.A. designers, Stephanie Danan and Justin Kern’s SS15 collection is full of volume and movement. A-line and trapeze silhouettes give a mystery to the female form that lies beneath. They focused on looks that are feminine without an ostentatious flair for girlie, despite the layers of ruffles. The looks felt mature and sophisticated, with a balance of texture, shine, and graceful drape. Going on its third season, it looks like Co is well on its way into the hearts {and closets} of many.
nyfwss15 nyfwss15 nyfwss15 nyfwss15
You never really know what to expect at a Rodarte show. However, you always know it will take you on an exciting journey into the imaginations of the incredibly talented Laura and Kate Mulleavy. This season is no different. A glitzy runway was the perfect setting for this under the sea inspired collection. But they kept a fine balance of whimsical mermaid with the more rugged, fisherman influence. Fluid and free-form silhouettes were anchored by high-waist stove-pipe pants and laced thigh-high leather sandals. Boxy cargo jackets embellished with netting and belt buckles, reminiscent of the world floating above, while asymmetrical netting with layers of paillettes and wispy fabrics tied in brought the coral reef to life. Since I can’t grow gills, I suppose this collection can fulfill my mermaid dreams.
nyfwss15 nyfwss15 nyfwss15 nyfwss15
Elie Tahari: Weathered but wickedly pulled together, the SS15 collection mixes ideologies in a rhythmic pattern that’s hard to resist: Long fringed skirts layers over sharp shorts; textured sweaters with wispy sheer dresses; disheveled tops paired with a crisp ladylike skirt. As a girl who loves tees, I can’t get enough of these gauzy, distressed ones. The neutral color palette feels organic, just like the materials and stylingOne of my favorite pieces is the culottes with the thigh-high slit in one leg opening. Such a simple way to give a classic silhouette a little attitude. In a word {or two}: effortlessly chic.
nyfwss15 nyfwss15
nyfwss15 nyfwss15
Photos courtesy of Style.com



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