{Style 3 Ways} The Kimono

The kimono, which literally means “thing to wear”, is the most basic form of traditional Japanese clothing. This wide sleeve, t-shaped robe dates all the way back to the 700s. It’s such a simple design that has evolved greatly over time. It’s become a classic silhouette that provides designers with an endless amount of inspiration. Here’s three different ways to wear the kimono. How will you mix the kimono into your wardrobe this season?
Style 3 Ways: Kimonos

{Style 3 Ways} The Office Short

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{Style 3 Ways} Red, White, and Blue

When I was younger, I went through a serious red phase – red jeans, red sneakers, red puffy vest, red purse, and the list goes on. {Of course, not all in the same outfit!} Now, I don’t usually wear red; I’m more of a pink girl. But on Independence Day, red, white and blue is almost mandatory. Here’s three looks to inspire your patriotic spirit:

{style 3 ways} red, white and blue

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{Style 3 Ways} The Crop Top

The Crop Top continues to trend this summer, so I’ve come up with three different ways to rock this look. How do you wear your crop tops?

How to Style 3 Ways ~ The Crop Top

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{Style 3 Ways} The Floral Shirt

How to Style 3 Way: The Floral Shirt

There’s nothing that truly compares to the look and feel of a crisp, woven shirt.  You may have solid and chambray, but do you have printed shirts? A ditzy floral print shirt is essential for your Spring wardrobe. It might seem limiting, but it’s actually very versatile. Here’s three completely different ways to incorporate a busy floral print into your wardrobe.

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{Style 3 Ways} The Palazzo Pant

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