{What to Wear} to a Baseball Game

We’re in the middle of baseball season with the World Series right around the corner. But what to wear to the game can be quite the conundrum! {What to Wear} to a Baseball GameI’ve always loved baseball. My dad introduced me to the great American pastime when I was just a little girl. He taught me how to throw a ball and took me to Mariners games in the Seattle Kingdome. Ken Griffey Jr. was my favorite player.  Then I met my husband, who is a die-hard Detroit fan. He bought me a hat on our second date, so now I’m a Detroit fan by marriage. Baseball is on our TV all summer long, and, now that we live in Florida, springtime has a whole new meaning.

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{What to Wear} While Traveling

The {un}official last weekend of summer is upon us. And, like many of you, I’ll be heading out of town for some much needed R&R to visit my sister in Santa Monica! After a summer in the sweltering Florida heat and humidity, I’m ready for some cool Pacific sea breezes.

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{What to Wear} to a Summer Wedding

We’re in the middle of wedding season, and for some, it’s just beginning. Here’s some fabulous dresses for just about every type of wedding:

{What to Wear} to a Summer Wedding

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