The Summer Weekender Wardrobe

There’s a long summer weekend in your future, and I’ve got a list of everything you’ll need for a quick getaway. Wherever you’re going, whatever you’re doing, all you need is a small weekend bag (like this one made in the USA) and a few essentials to enjoy your escape from reality. My motto: keep. it. simple.

The Summer Weekender

Tee – Everlane (comfort is everything)

Shorts – Citizens of Humanity (summer uniform)

Swim suit – Ralph Lauren (Proud to be an American)

Tote – Drifting Arrow (Made in the USA!)

Sweatshirt – Altheta (for those cool nights)

Dress – Zara (simply summer)

Sandal – Rainbow (the essential sandal)



The Summer Bazaar: The Necessities for Summer

The Summer Bazaar

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