#NYFWss15 Day 8

nyfwss15 nyfwss15nyfwss15

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#NYFWss15 Day 6


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#NYFWss15 Day 3











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#NYFWss2015 Day 1

September is quite possibly the best month of the year. Fashion Weeks and my birthday; how much better can it get?! For the next few days, I’ll be bringing you coverage of my favorite shows. Soak in the inspiration and discover how these trends can enhance your style!












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{What to Wear} to a Baseball Game

We’re in the middle of baseball season with the World Series right around the corner. But what to wear to the game can be quite the conundrum! {What to Wear} to a Baseball GameI’ve always loved baseball. My dad introduced me to the great American pastime when I was just a little girl. He taught me how to throw a ball and took me to Mariners games in the Seattle Kingdome. Ken Griffey Jr. was my favorite player.  Then I met my husband, who is a die-hard Detroit fan. He bought me a hat on our second date, so now I’m a Detroit fan by marriage. Baseball is on our TV all summer long, and, now that we live in Florida, springtime has a whole new meaning.

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{What to Wear} While Traveling

The {un}official last weekend of summer is upon us. And, like many of you, I’ll be heading out of town for some much needed R&R to visit my sister in Santa Monica! After a summer in the sweltering Florida heat and humidity, I’m ready for some cool Pacific sea breezes.

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{My Style} Summer Vacations

This summer, we took a break from the sweltering Florida heat and headed back to the great Northwest to visit family and friends. It was a week full of good food, family gatherings, trips to the lake, and some much needed relaxation.

{My Style} Summer Vacation

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I’m Seeing Dots

From the runway to the streets, dots are all over the place this Fall. Such a simple motif, it never really goes out of style.

I'm Seeing Dots

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{The Find} Zashadu

the find
It’s an interesting time in the fashion industry where sustainability and ethics are becoming equally as important as luxury and trends. And when a brand combines all of these so effortlessly, I fall in love.
 {the Find} Zashadu   {the Find} Zashadu


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{Stylist} the Editor’s Picks


 Back to school season is all about new beginnings, and every new beginning needs an updated wardrobe. Even if you’re not going back to school, it’s still a great time to freshen up your closet. Here’s a few pieces you’ll feel good about buying to start off the new year right.

{Stylist} the Editor's Picks

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{Get the Look}

{Get the Look}


The athletic inspired looks continue to trend this Fall.  Mix luxe sweatshirts with textured pieces for an effortlessly chic look.  I have a feeling I’ll be adding more non-sweat sweatshirts to my wardrobe this Fall!

{Style 3 Ways} The Kimono

The kimono, which literally means “thing to wear”, is the most basic form of traditional Japanese clothing. This wide sleeve, t-shaped robe dates all the way back to the 700s. It’s such a simple design that has evolved greatly over time. It’s become a classic silhouette that provides designers with an endless amount of inspiration. Here’s three different ways to wear the kimono. How will you mix the kimono into your wardrobe this season?
Style 3 Ways: Kimonos

{The Find} Flavia La Rocca

the find
{the find} Flavia La Rocca
{the find} Flavia La Rocca
{the find} Flavia La Rocca

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{Stylist} the Editor’s Picks


Here’s the transition pieces to update your Summer wardrobe that are also a great investment for Fall.

Trends to Transition

5 Ways to Beat the Aug Heat

5 Ways to Beat the Aug Heat (and the AC!)


For some, summer may be winding down, but the temperatures are still rising and the AC is still blasting. Here’s a few wardrobe must-haves to keep you cool in the heat and comfortable in the AC. Enjoy the last few weeks of summer!

{The Find} Sustainable Style

the find
This week, I’ve found sustainable, ethical, fashion, all under $100!
“Little by little, a little becomes a lot” Tanzanian Proverb
{The Find} Sustainable Style

{My Style} Sarasota Farmer’s Market

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{What to Wear} to a Summer Wedding

We’re in the middle of wedding season, and for some, it’s just beginning. Here’s some fabulous dresses for just about every type of wedding:

{What to Wear} to a Summer Wedding

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The Summer Weekender Wardrobe

There’s a long summer weekend in your future, and I’ve got a list of everything you’ll need for a quick getaway. Wherever you’re going, whatever you’re doing, all you need is a small weekend bag (like this one made in the USA) and a few essentials to enjoy your escape from reality. My motto: keep. it. simple.

The Summer Weekender

Tee – Everlane (comfort is everything)

Shorts – Citizens of Humanity (summer uniform)

Swim suit – Ralph Lauren (Proud to be an American)

Tote – Drifting Arrow (Made in the USA!)

Sweatshirt – Altheta (for those cool nights)

Dress – Zara (simply summer)

Sandal – Rainbow (the essential sandal)


{Style 3 Ways} Red, White, and Blue

When I was younger, I went through a serious red phase – red jeans, red sneakers, red puffy vest, red purse, and the list goes on. {Of course, not all in the same outfit!} Now, I don’t usually wear red; I’m more of a pink girl. But on Independence Day, red, white and blue is almost mandatory. Here’s three looks to inspire your patriotic spirit:

{style 3 ways} red, white and blue

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{Red, White, and Blue True} style board

{Red, White, and Blue True} style board


Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

When the Going Gets Tough… Choose Happiness



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The Adventures of a New Zealand Housewife (5)

Kari’s journey continues as she explores New Zealand’s beautiful landscape.

The Adventures of a New Zealand Housewife (5)


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The Summer Bazaar: The Necessities for Summer

The Summer Bazaar

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{Style 3 Ways} The Crop Top

The Crop Top continues to trend this summer, so I’ve come up with three different ways to rock this look. How do you wear your crop tops?

How to Style 3 Ways ~ The Crop Top

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{My Style} The Printed Dress Short

The printed dress short is essential to your summer wardrobe.

My style_patterned shorts 6

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The Adventures of a New Zealand Housewife (4)

The Adventures of a New Zealand Housewife (4)

One of the many great things about New Zealand is its strong eco-friendly vibe. The city of Auckland encourages residents to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible. So when it came time to decide what to do with the  abandoned industrial port that once served as a petro-chemical storage area known as the “Tank Farm,”  it was no question but to preserve it’s original maritime beauty.

In 2005, Ports of Auckland developed a 25 year long project to turn Wynyard Quarters into a thriving waterfront community, complete with residential and commercial spaces. In 2011, the first stage opened.

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The Adventures of a New Zealand Housewife (3)


The Adventures of a New Zealand Housewife

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The Young Professional’s Closet Essentials


The Young Professional's Closet Essentials

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Kendra’s Night Out Challenge

Kendra's Night Out Challenge

Kendra Thornton, the ultimate travel expert and mother of three, is planning a dream vacation to New York City with some of her closest friends. She’ll be staying at The Dream New York Hotel, complete with restaurants, bars and the infamous Ava Lounge, and she needs to look the part. When she asked for my style advice and to participate in Kendra’s Night Out Challenge, I was thrilled and honored to give her three looks that will make her feel more like Sex and the City and less like Mom of the suburbs.

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How to Pack for Miami

How to Pack for MiamiI love Miami. The beach, the shopping, the clubs, the culture; it’s all so alluring! Deciding what to wear in one of the world’s most fashionable and sexy cities isn’t always easy. I came up with three looks that will take you from the beach to the clubs and everywhere in between.

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Kate Moss x Topshop

kate moss x topshop kate moss x topshop











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The Adventures of a New Zealand Housewife (2)


The Adventures of a New Zealand Housewife

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{How to Style} The Leopard Print


How to Style ~ The Leopard Print How to Style ~ The Leopard Print How to Style ~ The Leopard Print










Happy Birthday, Momma! In honor of the woman who taught me everything I know about shopping and always encouraged my personal style, we’re celebrating her fabulous style. Continue reading

Designer Profile ~ Abel Munoz

Designer Profile ~ Abel Munoz

When you see something that makes you stop and stare, and you get that gut feeling that this is something amazing, you can’t help but dig a little deeper. Continue reading

Floral Trend: Vibrant Hues on Dark Grounds


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Dear Readers and Followers,

It is with an attitude of optimism that Chambray and Cabernet is retiring. Thank you for all those who have followed along as I’ve discovered the world of blogging. Chambray and Cabernet has been a great incubator for finding my voice and discovering my true passions. But now I am able to refocus and create a brand that is more than just another blog: Foundry87a passion project to inspire women to live a stylish life while being a conscious consumer. It’s a place to discover something new, to be inspired, and, hopefully, create some change along the way. If you enjoyed Chambray and Cabernet, you’ll fall in love with Foundry87

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Thank you for your continued support and I hope you’ll join me over at Foundry87.